It is a pleasure to express our sincere appreciation to all our customers for their continuous support and for making Toyota Ghana the No. 1 automotive company in Ghana. We wish to assure you of our corporate commitments.

  • Close to customers In line with our “customer first” principle, we will endeavor to make our customers the number one focus in all our operations.
  • To be professional We promise to put in the best efforts to continuously offer high-quality products and superior quality after sales service. We continuously train and develop our staff to equip them with the requisite technical know-how and skills to satisfy our customers better. In addition to this, we make safety a key issue in our daily operations.
  • Sincerity of operations We promote transparency in operations, high integrity and high level of customer care with the view to improving trust from the customers.
  • Contribution to society As a responsible corporate citizen, we operate in a manner to be well accepted by society. We contribute our quota in the areas of education, health, road safety and environment. We believe that, the advancement of Toyota Ghana should be parallel to the development of Ghana.

With these, we expect to go beyond our vision of sustaining Toyota Ghana as the number one automotive company in Ghana and to become the number one company in Ghana.

Thank you