Toyota Ghana Company LTD (TGCL)
TGCL imports its spare parts from Japan and South Africa.
Toyota Motor Corporation has established plants in some selected countries across the globe to produce different spare partsand one of such countries is China.
Toyota manufactures vehicles for specific territories. TGCL stocks spare parts for its assigned model lines, however we are able to supply or order spare parts for vehicles which do not fall within our model lines as and when required.
Spare parts are imported through two major means; air and sea order. The air orders arrive within three to four weeks after confirmed order, while the sea orders arrive within three to four months. Customer therefore has a choice between the two routes at the time ofconfirmation. We are however making efforts to improve our stock line items.
TGCL has most parts readily available for our model lines. Service rate is currently 97.5% nationwide.
Thus, inter branch requests can be delivered within a day depending on the location of the requesting branch.
Toyota parts are competitively priced.The quality, durability and reliability offered, actually saves our customers a lot of cost due to the fact that genuine parts last longer.
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is important to select the correct unique part number for your Toyota vehicle anywhere in the world.
In the Northern Region, we have an Authorized Service Shop Ansuare Company Limited that has been trained, certified and equipped to handle the after sales needs (servicing & provision of genuine parts) to all users of Toyota vehicles in the three Northern Regions. TGCL actually has plans to expand the service network to all Regions in Ghana. This is part of our efforts to provide reliable after sales support to all our customers nationwide.
TGCL operates a Data Management system (DMS) that captures transaction of all customers and can be retrieved within a specified period.