Toyota Ghana Company LTD (TGCL)
We have auto financing partners who offer support to our customers with such needs.
The two weeks are needed to do custom clearance, payment of taxes, documentation and registration of the vehicles.
Toyota produces vehicles to meet specific regional conditions. These usually have to do with compatibility issues relating to fuel chemical composition, terrains and general environmental conditions. TGCL sells vehicles meant for our regions.
Fuel consumption varies depending on fuel quality, environment, individual driving style, etc. However, Toyota standard test results on fuel consumption levels may be obtained from the internet.
The models sold by Toyota Ghana are vehicles that are approved by the manufacturers as suitable for the Ghanaian market. They are as such, built and designed specifically for use in Ghana with due consideration to our conditions and terrain. The manufacturer does not provide warranty for any vehicle that is not meant for the Ghanaian market.
TheAvensis with leather seats can be ordered at the request of the customer, however, the Corolla with leather seats is not available.
It is the unit for the measurement of vehicle’s engine power. One horse power is equal to 0.75Kilowatts.
Prices differ due to specification variations. Considering our harsh environment, all our vehicles come with ‘Severe User Package’ which includes reinforced suspension, heavy duty shock absorbers, engine under-guards, etc. these are all intrinsic value built in to withstand conditions of our terrain and provide peace of mind motoring. The tax component also plays a major role in the seller s final pricing.
Prices of vehicles in all branches are the same. We have a harmonized price structure.
Our distributorship agreement with the manufacturer limits our sales to the Ghana markets. Apart from this, there are Authorized Toyota Dealer in such countries capable of addressing the vehicle needs of customers there.
These buses are currently the buses available from the manufacturer to the Ghanaian market.
The Coaster Bus is fitted with a CD player, however the microphone could be fitted upon customer request.
TGCL offers a range of vehicles from the standard to the high-end models from which customers can choose from.
Our core business is to sell new vehicles and provide aftersales services.