Toyota Ghana Company LTD (TGCL)
General Repairs take longer to repair. We are providing more service centres and expanding our existing facilities to take in more General Repair vehicles.
The Fortuner is a superior model just like any other Toyota vehicle.
South Africa is one of the countries that Toyota vehicles are manufactured.
We usually work for only half of the day and most of the major repair works are very involving requiring a full day’s concentration and attention.
Currently, all service charges are standardized. Tarkwa rates are thus the same as other Toyota Service Centers in Ghana.
It is TGCL’s policy to bring our services closer to our esteemed customers. Our second branch in the Greater Accra Region was opened in Tema in 2009 and it is yet to hit its full capacity.
The Company does not accept individual cheques. However, for vehicle purchase, an individual cheque received is allowed to clear before the delivery of the vehicle. Such arrangements are quite complex for service operations.
The lines are reliable. We have a Call Centre to manage all customer enquiries.
Minor body repairs are carried out by Tarkwa branch by the use of an independent dealer under the supervision of TGCL. However, all major repairs are carried out at our in-house state-of-the-art Body and Paint shop in Accra.
TGCL, on customer request, collaborates with some towing service companies to tow vehicles to our premises.
Due to the high daily intake numbers at our workshops, and considering the logistics and management involved, we are unable to provide vehicle delivery services at customer designated points presently. However, it is worth considering for the future.
It is possible to extend the credit facility of customers to all branches upon request. Discuss this with your service advisor.
Credit Limits are provided based upon the fleet size, vehicle models, age of vehicles, credit worthiness as well as the cost of servicing for each vehicle. These limits are however, reviewable whenever fleet sizes are significantly increased and the service departments are duly notified.