There are many reasons why the Toyota HIACE enjoys a world-wide reputation as a highly dependable commercial vehicle. The wide variety of HIACE models enables different kinds of business to meet specific needs. The interiors are spacious, despite notably compact exterior dimensions and offer refined attention to detail for comfort and driveability. Engine performance, economy and durability are excellent. Moreover, every HIACE model incorporates a range of protective measures in the area of safety.

Van Space through innovation

Panel Van Compact on the outside, the Panel Van is surprisingly long, tall and wide on the inside. The flat floor and perpendicular walls maximize loading capacity. while the high-lifting rear door facilitates easy loading and unloading via forklift. Sensitive cargo in shielded from sunlight. There are two models to choose from: a long wheelbase version that easiliy accommodates lengthy cargo, and a standard wheelbase model offering abundant cargo space despite compact dimensions.

Glass Van The side door opens wide to facilitate easy loading and unloading, as well as easy entering and exiting. Depending on your needs, the interior can accommodate three adults in front and three in the rear, or cargo space can be maximized by folding the rear seat into a compact, unobstructive shape that allows efficient storage.

Commuter A quality cabin for transporting people in comfort.
Large windows contribute to an interior that is open and airy. Boarding and exiting is easy, even with luggage, due to side doors that open wide and subseats that fold up into compact dimensions. There are three Commuter models to choose from: a standard wheelbase version that accommodates 12 occupants, a long wheelbase version for up to 15 occupants, and a high roof long wheelbase version that offers unparalleled comfort.


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