At the end of 14th(2021) Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, a total of 1,276 artworks were received nationwide. These artworks have been shortlisted to the best 50 considering (concept, innovation, artistic impression).

Congratulations to all winners. All shortlisted participants will be contacted to receive their prizes.

Continue to let the creativity in you shine through your



The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is an annual competition organized by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) of Japan for all children up to 15 years all over the world. The contest seeks to uncover creativity in children by asking them to draw their dream cars that illustrates an idea of future mobility. The contest is grouped into three (3) categories: for children under 8 years, 8 to 11 years and 12 to 15 years.


Think of a challenge in the society within which you live and draw or paint a car that can solve that particular society challenge and demonstrates future mobility (concept).*

Download your entry form here or pick it up at any of our branches

Complete the entry form. Give a title to your car and a short explanation of what your dream car does (concept).

Get your parents' signature

Attach the entry form to the back of your artwork with an adhesive.

Submit artwork to any of our branches.

The contest is open to all children living in Ghana who are below 16 years old. There 3 categories

Category 1 : Under 8 years old

Category 2 : 8 – 11 years old

Category 3 : 12 – 15 years old

An A3 size paper is required and use any medium you like – pencils, crayons, paint – to create your dream car. Do not forget to add a background, to help us imagine what your dream car would look like in its environment. Take note, only hand-made drawings are acceptable, so do not use a computer to create it.

Entries for the 15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest will be from November 2021 to January 2022

At Toyota, we believe that children are full of creative extraordinary dreams that can become a reality. All you have to do is think beyond the ordinary, be creative and imagine what your dream car would be and what you would want the car to do. The idea behind your car must stimulate sympathy, resonance and emotion.

Shortlisted participants will receive Toyota Dream Car Art Contest branded souvenirs. The 9 lucky winners selected from the 3 categories will be presented with plaques for themselves and their respective schools. Their artworks will be entered into the World Contest.

If an artwork from Ghana wins at the world contest, the winner will win an award certificate and prize money intended to be used for educational purposes worth $5,000 and $10,000 prize money to the winner's school.