Customer First Principle

Toyota’s principle of Customer First exists for the purpose of providing customers with products and services that earn their smiles. At Toyota Ghana, we continuously put in place measures to ensure that the quality of our products and after-sales earns the trust of our customers.

By Integrating sales, after-sales service and spare parts facilities in a single convenient location, our 3S services contribute to the High level of quality associated with Toyota throughout the World.

Placing customer satisfaction first, the Sales department contribute to speedy and efficient presales and postsales support allowing customers to experience the convenience and pleasure of buying a Toyota.

At our authorized service centers, customers are assured of quick service by qualified staff and quality processes for a joyful ownership experience. Features of our Quality Service?

  • Best in Class Warranty: 3years / 100,000 km whichever comes first
  • Road Side Assistance Support for vehicle breakdowns within Accra
  • Express Maintenance Service: Service in 60 minutes with highest degree at No Extra Cost

By maintaining optimum spare parts inventory, well trained service personnel and world class infrastructure, our spare parts department contribute to speedy and efficient service, allowing customers to experience peace of mind motoring.

The Toyota Ghana call center has been developed to provide support for our operations through our dedicated phone lines. With this convenient system in place, Toyota Ghana offers speedy, appropriate and empathetic responses to customer inquiries, and listens to opinions and requests, based on the principle of Customer First. At the same time, Toyota undertakes initiatives to link this feedback to the creation of better products and services. To Reach any of our Services, call TOLL FREE: 0800-100020